THE PHILOSOPHY:  To provide professional benefit communications as a medium through which employers' can sponsor quality supplemental benefit programs for their employees.

THE MISSION:  To significantly enhance an employers' employee benefit package at no corporate cost.

THE APPROACH: To allow employees to have choice in benefit plan design through the offering of an array of supplemental benefits that they individually design to meet their own and their families needs.

An enhanced benefit package which better addresses the benefit needs of all employees. This important benefit package directly results in:

Reduced Turnover
Better Hiring Tool
Great Benefit Communications
Reduced Benefit Corporate Cost

On average 38% of payroll is spent on benefits and most employees have no idea of the true value of their benefit package.  At no corporate cost an employer can change all of that.  The following IBS services make the difference:
Employee benefit statements - personally designed showing all benefit costs both statutory and non-statutory. 
Benefit Counseling - makes certain employees understand their benefit statements and appreciate their benefit package. 
Supplemental benefits - adding programs that are individually designed and paid for by employee.  Programs fill in gaps that exist with core group benefits. Key - ultimate employee choice and no corporate cost.

Specific programs can include:

Supplemental Portable Term Life Insurance
Portable Whole Life Insurance
Voluntary Short Term and Long Term Disability
Voluntary Dental and Vision Plans
Long Term Care Insurance
Section 125 Flexible Spending Accounts

Section 125 Flexible Spending Accounts (BeneFlex) actually generate payroll tax savings for the employer.  All IRS compliance requirements (i.e. Discrimination Testing, Plan Document, 5500 reports) are at no cost.

Section 125 payroll tax savings are so significant that
dollars are derived to pay for benefit booklets

The focal point of all IBS services is professional Benefit Counselors.  These salaried, not commission compensated individuals are highly trained benefit professionals, well equipped to deal effectively in the qualified plan (i.e. Section 125) employer sponsored market place.  Their goal is to help employees appreciate new benefit programs.  For employees interested, they help them custom design the benefit to meet their individual needs.  The end result - significant employee satisfaction and in turn, significant savings for the employer.

IBS benefit programs and Benefit Counselors are available through the U.S.  Most employers have come to realize two important points:

There are fewer corporate dollars available for benefits
Benefit package needs to remain competitive in order
     to attract new employees

We all agree:
Unemployment is low - tightest
     labor market
in twenty years
Employee turnover is high
More positions opened then there
     are people
to fill them
Corporate costs are up - no dollars
for more benefits


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